Formula 1. Lotus insists on the introduction of the limit on spending

May 22, 2015 at 23:13

Co-owner of the team Gerard Lopez is confident that the delay threatens the very existence of the series.
Co-owner of Lotus Gerard Lopez expressed his opinion that all the teams in Formula 1 is an urgent need to agree with the proposal of Max Mosley and impose restrictions on the expenditure of $ 100 million for the season.

Lotus E23 picture

Lotus E23 pics

Lotus introduced C-01

March 3, 2015 at 18:58

In June last year the racing team Kodewa presented without hype “rudiment” their future 200 powered hyper bike. Today they are ready to show the world the finished product under the brand name Lotus and declared “name” C-01.
Kodewa racing cars developed together with Lotus, but in this project last took direct participation: motorcycle design was developed co-owners Kalex – Holzer Group and designer Daniel Simon, and the design was carried out within the walls of Kodewa.

Lotus C-01 picture

Lotus C-01 pics

Buying a Used Lotus Evora S

August 17, 2012 at 12:39

As to be realists, not all of the people, who are willing to buy a Lotus car, are in fact able to do that. However, in no sense it is the reason to get down and depressed in senses. It is the time to start looking for the used Lotus cars, which are available. Since the cars produced by the Lotus auto concern are of a high quality, and Lotus drivers are also grown up and serious people, even used cars are in a great condition and ready for usage for another five years at least. Today, in our hands we have a used Lotus Evora S model.

Image of Lotus Evora S white and red

Image of Lotus Evora S white and red

Lotus Evora GTE Formula One – How Much It Will Cost

July 29, 2012 at 19:17

The developments of the new cars for the races have not stopped in the offices of Lotus company. More over, now, that they have officially skipped the Paris Motor Show, the company wants to focus more on the production side of the cars, and not on the display, so to say. In such a way, we have gained some additional information about the Lotus Evora GTE F1 car, which as we have mentioned before, was made totally out of the carbon fiber.

Photo of Lotus Evora GTE F1 car

Photo of Lotus Evora GTE F1 car

Purchase of the Catalyst for Lotus Cars

July 19, 2012 at 20:30

In case there appears a need for you to buy a catalyst for your Lotus car in any part of the world, you will no longer need to run around the metropolis and search for the unknown details and dealers, who will offer this spare part at a moderate prices, because the official on-line stores have it all already. Catalyst is mounted on the Lotus exhaust system and is designed to reduce the emission of harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

Photo of the inner part of Lotus car

Photo of the inner part of Lotus car

Changing Color of Your Lotus Car

July 15, 2012 at 00:42

Every one knows that Lotus is quite fond of coloring its cars into interesting colors. They are not only bright but also very brave sometimes. If to take for example the yellow color of the Lotus Elise and some strange orange shade of the Lotus RPM model, sometimes they choose not so bright, but still extra-ordinary colors, like green or blue Lotus Exos. It is good, if distributors can offer the option of choosing the other color, but what can other drivers do, if the official distributor is too far to reach and the one they have offers only those brave colors? The answer is simple – you have to recolor the car.

Photo of the Lotus Elise green

Photo of the Lotus Elise green

Compact Lotus Car Price is Going to Change as the CEO Changed

July 11, 2012 at 15:11

A known all over the world auto concern, which produces sports and racing cars has recently introduced the concept of a town car, which was discussed in details in our previous articles. However, as we know, that Lotus lacks experience in positioning and selling such cars, it was very challenging for them to set a price for their concept. Thus the marketers have done a lot of work and research to estimate correctly the numbers which will be named by the distributors.

Photo of Compact Lotus Car - concept model

Photo of Compact Lotus Car - concept model