The legality of the new Lotus E22 Formula-1 is questioned

April 8, 2015 at 17:46

Lotus’s opponents have questioned the legality of the double nose, which is equipped with the new machine are the British stables. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the competing teams were sent to the International Automobile Federation (FIA) several requests with the requirement to clarify the legality of the construction Lotus E22. As a federation has responded to these appeals, is not specified.

Lotus E22 pics

Lotus E22 image

The team from Enstone published two photos of the new car last week. The picture shows that Lotus engineers got rid of the central part of the nose cone instead of the designers to equip the machine with two spikes of varying lengths. Fans have nicknamed these processes tusks and teeth. Notably, one of which was longer than the other processes for five centimeters. This design is due to paragraph 15.4.3 of technical regulations of Formula 1.
The presence of two tusks command frees the need to place in front of the car a protective structure capable to absorb the energy of a frontal impact. Because of this internal structure canines will differ. Journalist Auto Motor und Sport Michael Schmidt suggested that the arrangement of long and short process may vary depending on the direction of the track: where pilots have to go in a clockwise direction, the protective structure can be built in a longer nose right, and on the opposite autodromes direction – to the left.

Lotus E22 picture

Lotus E22 pics

At the moment, Lotus competitors did not copy the idea of the British stables. It is believed that the double nose landing gear will cause increased sensitivity to the wind, and make the car difficult to manage. At the same time, Williams technical director Pat Symonds has confirmed that the possibility of introducing a similar design is studied by most competitors Lotus.

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