Lotus E22 car for Formula 1 got a double nose

April 1, 2015 at 17:28

The new Formula 1 race car Lotus got custom design nose fairing. In front of the car is not a central part E22: on-site nose engineers have left a hole that allows air flow under the bottom of the machine. On the sides of the resulting opening there were two racks which formed the so-called double nose. At the moment, the team from Enstone is the only member of Formula 1 with a similar layout of the front of the car.

Lotus E22 pics

Lotus E22 image

A similar design was the car Williams FW26 2004: at that time engineers also got rid of the central portion of the nose cone in the aerodynamic purposes. The car has received from fans nicknamed walrus.
In contrast, Lotus, McLaren and Williams chose a layout with a single appendage in the middle of the bow. The rest of the team has not yet shown nose cones of their cars for the 2014 season.
New car colors are slightly different from last year’s coloring: the design is still made in black and red tones. In the new season, Lotus appeared Russian Sponsor: front wing on a logo YotaPhone. The brand sells its smartphones Russian company Yota Devices.

Lotus E22 picture

Lotus E22 pics

Despite the publication of photographs of the model E22, Lotus did not conduct a full presentation: racing team was limited to placing a picture on his Twitter account with the caption. The new car will miss the first collective tests Formula 1, scheduled for the end of January. Lotus E22 will be released on the track until the second part of the test runs, scheduled for February.
Pilots of the British team will be Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean.

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