Lotus doesn’t support client cars in Formula-1

June 10, 2015 at 15:37

Managers of Lotus F1 are set strongly against plans to allow the use of client cars, which said yesterday Bernie Ecclestone.
The topic was actively discussed at the recent meeting of the Strategic Group, but teams like Force India, Sauber and Lotus now strongly opposed this measure.

Lotus E21 pics

Lotus E21 image

“We also did not want to become a client team, – said Matthew Carter, executive director of Lotus. – We do not enter into the Strategic Group, but in any case I do not see how the idea of introducing the client machines can run.
When it was discussed last year, they talked about the use of old cars Mercedes, Red Bull or any else that, for obvious reasons, in what could result.

Lotus E21 picture

Lotus E21 pics

But even with the new chassis it might not be for our team workable business model, because in Enstone we created a complete production base, and we can not allow recourse. The only advantage is that with this approach the arrival of new teams in Formula 1 will become cheaper, which is not so bad.

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