Engineers predicted handling difficulty of the bolide Lotus E22

April 5, 2015 at 17:37

The creator of a Formula 1 car Skalabroni Enrique said that the new machine Lotus team will be difficult to manage. In an interview with Omnicorse Argentine engineer explained that difficulties arise because of the irregular shape of the nose fairing. According to experts, the double nose of the car E22 provokes understeer, unstable behavior during rapid changes in the direction and unpredictable reactions to the actions of the pilots. Designer compared two ridges in front of the car with fins, pointing out that when you turn they will create a large torque.

Lotus E22 picture

Lotus E22 pics

A similar solution applied team Williams FW26 car in 2004. The creator of the chassis Antonia Terzi removed the central part of the nose cone for the air flow under the bottom of the machine. Skalabroni convinced that Lotus engineers have chosen a similar design for the same reason.

Lotus E22 pics

Lotus E22 image

Enrique admitted that former Williams technical director Patrick Head, who headed the engineering department of the British team in 2004, told him about the behavior of the FW26. When blowing in the wind tunnel chassis showed excellent results, but in a real race track the findings have not been confirmed. Williams spent on setting his car six months, and then abandoned a custom nose and returned to the familiar layout. At the end of the 2004 season, Juan Pablo Montoya brought the stables only victory – won the race with a modification of the classic nose cone.

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