Road model Lotus Elise S Cup is equaled by weight with a track one

January 20, 2015 at 01:24

Road version of the track modifications of road models – by so confused way the company went to Lotus, turning two-door car Elise S Cup R to the new Elise S Cup. Actually about the car we already know almost everything: last summer at the Nurnberg ring test sample was photographed, but then resurfaced preliminary technical data. Now Elise S Cup officially presented.
As expected, the novelty mounted engine 1.8 with a mechanical compressor. This “quartet” develops 220 hp and 250 Nm, which accounted for 932 kg curb weight (pure track version weighs almost as much – 924 kg). This is enough to gain a hundred places in 4.6 seconds.
In addition, the company announced the surprise that will be revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show. “The product will remain true to his principles – the ease, efficiency and clean handling, embodying all of this in an optimal shell.” What it would be for the machine, the British did not say, but it is assumed it comes to seriously updated two-door Evora. It must become more powerful, lighter and noticeably freshen the exterior and interior.

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup pics

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup picture

New items should help chapter Lotus Jean-Marc Gale keep the promise: to increase the annual volume of the issue of up to two thousand pieces, and more – and up to three thousand. Actually, the first item of the plan is almost completed. For the first nine months of fiscal year 2014 (April to December inclusive) Lotus company sold worldwide in 1565 cars (plus 54%).

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup pics

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup image

At the same time in Europe, sales growth was 81%, particularly in the UK – 88%, in Germany and France – 139 and 143% in Japan and China – 125 and 130%. For the nine months, the number of dealers has increased from 138 to 163, 50 more centers will be opened by the end of 2015. We see important steps to complete recovery. By the way, promised autumn downsizing from about 1200 to 900 people have already done. All this leaves hope for earnings growth, and subsequently – to expand the model line.

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