Car-submarine Lotus Esprit of James Bond on Ebay Part I

January 26, 2015 at 23:00

If you are an ardent fan of James Bond and you have available an extra million dollars, the most rational way to spend this amount will be buying legendary floating car 007.
The original model Lotus Esprit 1977 release, took part in the filming of the movie “The Spy Who Loved Me “turned out to be among the lots at the auction eBay.
The machine, on which James Bond (James Bond) was immersed under water, is one of three surviving car-requisites.
However, the masters had to work to work to bring the model into a technical procedure and proper form. Completely renovated sample after 37 years looks like just descended from the conveyor.

Car-submarine Lotus Esprit pics

Car-submarine Lotus Esprit picture

Jolyon Palmer became the third driver Lotus

January 22, 2015 at 01:31

GP2 Series champion Jolyon Palmer has signed a contract with the team Lotus in place of the third driver in 2015, which will give him the opportunity to be able to appear in training on Friday. In addition, Palmer will act as reserve driver.
Gerard Lopez, Team Lotus F1: «Jolyon – fantastically talented and very reliable riders who can be trusted with the role of third driver in the team Lotus F1. Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado became champions in GP2, so we know very well that this series provides an excellent platform for training.
Jolyon had a successful season last year, when the won the title and prove that it has excellent potential. We want to see him as soon as possible in the team colors and behind the wheel of our car in 2015 – E23 Hybrid. We are starting a new exciting era. ”
It should be noted that Palmer won the GP2 title in 2014 with a record number of points in a season (276) and spent the longest series of spectacle finishes (19).

Jolyon Palmer  the third driver Lotus pics

Jolyon Palmer the third driver Lotus picture

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup is equaled by weight with a track one

January 20, 2015 at 01:24

Road version of the track modifications of road models – by so confused way the company went to Lotus, turning two-door car Elise S Cup R to the new Elise S Cup. Actually about the car we already know almost everything: last summer at the Nurnberg ring test sample was photographed, but then resurfaced preliminary technical data. Now Elise S Cup officially presented.
As expected, the novelty mounted engine 1.8 with a mechanical compressor. This “quartet” develops 220 hp and 250 Nm, which accounted for 932 kg curb weight (pure track version weighs almost as much – 924 kg). This is enough to gain a hundred places in 4.6 seconds.
In addition, the company announced the surprise that will be revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show. “The product will remain true to his principles – the ease, efficiency and clean handling, embodying all of this in an optimal shell.” What it would be for the machine, the British did not say, but it is assumed it comes to seriously updated two-door Evora. It must become more powerful, lighter and noticeably freshen the exterior and interior.

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup pics

Road model Lotus Elise S Cup picture

Lotus will introduce a new sports car at Geneva

January 18, 2015 at 01:16

British company Lotus plans to show at the Geneva Motor Show a new sports car. All vehicle data are kept in secret.
According to «Autocar», we are talking about the new version of the sports car Evora.
The car will receive a major change in design and interior. In addition, the capacity of the machine will increase by 15%, while the weight of the sports car will be markedly reduced. In addition to work on a new sports car, Lotus is developing a crossover. The basis for the new car will be taken concept car called APX, submitted in 2006.

Lotus Elan pics

Lotus Elan picture

LOTUS C-01 is equipped with a suspension Onlyns

January 18, 2015 at 01:08

The first motorcycle from the limited series of 100 copies LOTUS C-01 began to disperse to customers at the beginning of December 2014.
Megabayk equipped with a 175-horsepower engine on the KTM RC8R, originally designed for suspension Ohlins.
Prior to the bike out, has not been seen alive. Were the first journalists and photographers British weekly MCN, visited production in late November, a few days before the start of deliveries.
On all 3D-rendering published until the Internet was not clearly evident what kind of suspension is used in the C-01: Fork hidden under a thick casing, shock absorbers – faceless “double shock”.

LOTUS C-01 pics

LOTUS C-01 image

Camper and Lotus Prepare a Two-wheeled Car

November 29, 2012 at 02:40

The Lotus fans have always known the company as being the most fearless and courageous of all. They are creating supercars, concepts and lead the greatest F1 Lotus team to the wins on the races. However, the company is doing now something, which the fans could not have imagined. Engineers from international company Camper with the company Lotus work together to develop a new type of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Image of the Lotus and Camper 2-wheel car

Image of the Lotus and Camper 2-wheel car

The Fastest and the Most British One – Lotus Esprit

November 27, 2012 at 02:52

The British car company Lotus is famous for producing the best quality racing cars and the most outstanding sports cars for the consumers. However, it appeared that the Lotus model became the fastest one on the market of the sports cars currently. The estimates were made and compared across the models of the different companies of the same purpose cars.

Image of the green Lotus Esprit

Image of the green Lotus Esprit