Lotus Exige for fans of “Formula-1″

February 16, 2015 at 18:39

The British company Lotus Cars recently has released a new special version of the supercar Exige in honor of their victories in the racing competition “Formula 1″. 81 times the cars Lotus team was triumphant of the famous “royal race”, starting with the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix, and that as many copies Exige LF1 will be released.
Special version resembles a “formulary” Lotus primarily colors – black and gold color scheme, complete with red accents, and should be familiar to all fans of motorsport. In a similar style made and lounge, where there was a carbon plate with individual model number.

Lotus Exige image

Lotus Exige pics

Lotus has unveiled its eco car Exige S

February 14, 2015 at 18:22

Lotus has officially unveiled the new version of the sports car Exige S, which received an automatic transmission. The car is now called the Lotus Exige S Automatic; the car has six-step automatic transmission. The new transmission switches gears in just 240 milliseconds, making Lotus Exige S Automatic was faster than the regular version … After the demonstration, the announcement last year, Lotus, finally presented to the public Exige S Automatic.

Lotus eco car Exige S  picture

Lotus eco car Exige S pics

Lotus plans to release a new crossover

February 8, 2015 at 22:47

Lotus Company hinted at a total extension of range back in 2010, presenting in Paris just six concepts. Subsequently, the project of the company was refused, but now it is rumored that the leadership of Lotus Company bears similar plans.
The current head of Lotus is considering expanding its lineup of brand due to the models previously unusual manufacturer of sports cars. According to the portal Motor Authority, referring to the Malaysian press, Jean-Marc Jale unveiled at a meeting with the heads of the parent company Proton plans to develop a crossover and sedan.

Lotus new crossover pics

Lotus new crossover image

Spies caught the new Lotus Evora

February 6, 2015 at 22:34

Lotus cars were not at the Geneva Motor Show for three years, but this time the heavily reworked version of the Evora can be a little shake up the established order of things. The car had being photographed by spies in full camouflage, this sports car will have a landing formula “two plus two”, and it is expected to receive a big boost of capacity, lower operating costs and a serious weight loss.
In addition, this prototype shows little redesigned exterior: both flanks largemouth bumper accommodate two new air intakes plus upgraded headlamps and slightly redesigned tail. Although photographers have failed to capture the beauty, with some confidence we can say that he, too, has undergone some changes.

Lotus Evora pics

Lotus Evora picture

Lotus F1 published images E23 Hybrid

February 4, 2015 at 19:46

The presentation of the car Lotus F1 2015 will take place in Jerez before the tests.
But the press service of the British team published the first computer-generated images of the new vehicle called E23 Hybrid.
Matthew Carter, executive director of Lotus F1: «The new E23 Hybrid opens a new era for Lotus F1. We have not only changed the supplier of the power plant by clicking on the Mercedes-Benz, but also did a lot of work this winter. Development department, aerodynamics and simulation have contributed to the development of the machine, which should allow us to take a big step forward, so we are optimistic forward to the season.

E23 Hybrid pics

E23 Hybrid picture

Lotus prepares its own crossover

January 30, 2015 at 15:34

According to one version, the new car will get familiar name Evora.
The company will add the new Lotus Evora sports car to the crossover family, informs edition Car, citing its own sources. It is expected that this will be officially announced in March next year. It is expected that this will happen at the Motor Show in Geneva, where the updated Evora version will debut. According to preliminary data, the new product will be not a single model, but also the “all-terrain” normal variant “Evora”. This car will get increased ground clearance and protective pads on the body, but it will have rear-wheel drive. Evora is designed in the style of the whole family. Upgraded sports cars Lotus Evora, in addition to improvements in design, will receive more powerful engines supercharged and become faster and easier.

Lotus Evora  pics

Lotus Evora picture

Car-submarine Lotus Esprit of James Bond on Ebay Part II

January 28, 2015 at 23:00

It is worth noting that submerged despite the peculiar auto diving main movie hero, still not worth it. Although the description of the lot on eBay states that Lotus Esprit is equipped with a special “fins” and folding wheels, the machine is not designed for scuba management and does not have the necessary integrity. It descended itself from the big screen mock amphibious vehicle from the famous car manufacturer, designed exclusively for asphalt roads.
Presented at the car auction at the moment is in Nevada in a state of readiness to redeploy to the garage of the new owner.
By the way today the brand Lotus refused to return to the market model Esprit. In this updated version of the concept shown cult car was not only almost ready for serial production, but also managed to impress with its design as journalists, and any and all visitors to the Paris Motor Show in 2010.

Lotus Esprit pics

Lotus Esprit picture