Lotus prepares its own crossover

January 30, 2015 at 15:34

According to one version, the new car will get familiar name Evora.
The company will add the new Lotus Evora sports car to the crossover family, informs edition Car, citing its own sources. It is expected that this will be officially announced in March next year. It is expected that this will happen at the Motor Show in Geneva, where the updated Evora version will debut. According to preliminary data, the new product will be not a single model, but also the “all-terrain” normal variant “Evora”. This car will get increased ground clearance and protective pads on the body, but it will have rear-wheel drive. Evora is designed in the style of the whole family. Upgraded sports cars Lotus Evora, in addition to improvements in design, will receive more powerful engines supercharged and become faster and easier.

Lotus Evora  pics

Lotus Evora picture

Thresholds model will make thinner or less to facilitate landing in the car. Also expected to appear in the roadster family a new extreme model created by analogy with the Lotus 2-Eleven. First, crossover Lotus appeared as a concept car called APX in 2006.

Lotus Evora pics

Lotus Evora image

“The launch of a series of all-terrain models in August this year to speak” – the new head of the British automaker Jean-Marc Jale. Then it was assumed that such a model will be created for fans of the brand that want to ride it every day at Lotus, but do not want to have at their disposal an extreme sports car. The development of new models in late 2013 Lotus has received from the UK government grant of $ 10.44 million pounds (12.5 million euros) and another 100 million pounds (119 million euros) from its owner – the company DRB-Hicom.

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