Lotus may issue a crossover!

April 23, 2015 at 17:12

Jean-Marc Jale, CEO of Lotus – grated loaf. “In our car was electric glove box – more than useless thing for a sports car. I do not know who thought of this before, but I ordered it removed, “- the boss of the brand, who worked at Daimler, Volkswagen and PSA is struggling with excesses, while not denying that the trend is very difficult to resist.

Lotus crossover pciture

Lotus crossover pics

Alas, even so charismatic brand, concentrate on the lungs, austere models need crossover for survival in today’s market realities. According Jale, this year the company decides to invest in an SUV or create a sports sedan. If it is good to give the crossover as a commercially promising projects that most likely, it will be “very fast track” and will have “outstanding handling.” Submit it until 2017.

Lotus crossover pics

Lotus crossover image

Late last year, it was reported that in turn SUV coupe Evora by increasing the ground clearance, the necessary modifications and finishing work. But consumer coverage of such machines can be quite narrow, due to rear-wheel drive and limited functionality.

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