Car-submarine Lotus Esprit of James Bond on Ebay Part II

January 28, 2015 at 23:00

It is worth noting that submerged despite the peculiar auto diving main movie hero, still not worth it. Although the description of the lot on eBay states that Lotus Esprit is equipped with a special “fins” and folding wheels, the machine is not designed for scuba management and does not have the necessary integrity. It descended itself from the big screen mock amphibious vehicle from the famous car manufacturer, designed exclusively for asphalt roads.
Presented at the car auction at the moment is in Nevada in a state of readiness to redeploy to the garage of the new owner.
By the way today the brand Lotus refused to return to the market model Esprit. In this updated version of the concept shown cult car was not only almost ready for serial production, but also managed to impress with its design as journalists, and any and all visitors to the Paris Motor Show in 2010.

Lotus Esprit pics

Lotus Esprit picture

Alas, the Lotus Company is now experiencing is not the best of times, so all six conceptual models brought by the manufacturer on the Paris Motor Show four years ago, have sunk into oblivion. Last on the list awaiting their fate was exactly Esprit.

Lotus Esprit pics

Lotus Esprit image

The reason for such a move, according to the guidelines, was the ambiguous prospect reincarnated sports car with a modern twist and misty commercial future. Lotus, which had ultimately minimize their costs, to abandon further development of branded V8 engines and even go for a massive reduction of Staff, has decided to focus on the issue of more affordable models.

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