Truck Lotus team broke the record for long jump

March 8, 2015 at 19:42

Tractor Renault Team Lotus, which carries equipment for Formula 1, broke the world record for the long jump among truck with a trailer. Car, jumping on the trampoline, covered the distance of 25 meters. At the same time perform a stunt tractor drove racing car “Lotus”.
Partner “Lotus” this trick has become an American company EMC, which provides the racing team of IT-services. The company has helped calculate the optimum speed and angle of entry on the trampoline. In addition, a truck specially modified for the jump: were reinforced cabin, the driver’s seat and suspension, and the connection of the trailer and the tractor has been designed in such a way that the trailer is not “broken” in half.

Truck Lotus team picture

Truck Lotus team pics

Behind the wheel of the truck was a famous American stuntman Mike Ryan, who served as car stunts in many Hollywood films, in particular, in “Terminator 2″. Bolide ran Russian Martin Ivanov – Hereditary stuntman, best known for stunts in the action films of James Bond and Jason Bourne.

Truck Lotus team image

Truck Lotus team picture

None of the organizers of the stunt and trick were not injured. Including no injuries have not received members of the team who directly during the jump were in the trailer. Only when landing bumper and suspension tractor received minor injuries.

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