Lotus revealed a new Formula 1 car with the engine of Mercedes

April 21, 2015 at 16:39

Team of the Lotus Formula 1 published the first official image of the car, which will take part in the 2015 season. The machine, which received index E23, slightly changed color and got a new nose cone. As was previously known, starting this year on the car will be used Lotus engines Mercedes-Benz, and not Renault.

2015 Lotus E23 pics

2015 Lotus E23 image

As is the case with the Lotus E22, coloring trends in black and gold colors. The only noticeable change – new decorative strip and the lack of red inserts on the sides. In addition, the team changed several sponsors. So now instead of the logo on the wings of Rexona is the emblem of the business software Microsoft Dynamics. Rexona is also sponsored the Williams.

2015 Lotus E23 picture

2015 Lotus E23 pics

Technical characteristics of the car are not yet disclosed. The team emphasized that the design will still be amended.
Previously their cars for the season of Formula January 2015 provided the team Force India and Williams.

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