Lotus promised a new Elise S Cup for the Geneva Motor Show

February 18, 2015 at 19:27

British sports car manufacturer Lotus has announced substantial growth in sales in the last 9 months. At the same time, in a press release the company referred to the presentation of “exciting” sports car at the Geneva Motor Show.
Lotus to be congratulated on those companies has finally started to get out of the crisis. The negative effects of the previous leadership began to disappear, the range is improved, sales are growing and expanding dealer network. In 2014, the British had sold 54% more vehicles, with a total circulation amounted to 1565 units. Demand has increased everywhere, especially in Europe, China and Japan. The dealer network has expanded to 25 showrooms to 163 pieces, and for the current year should see another 50 new ones.

Elise S Cup 2015 picture

Elise S Cup 2015 pics

Media interest, however, has caused even the fact that Lotus begins to find its feet, but the promise to present at the Geneva Motor Show March intriguing novelty. The press release says that the new car will remain faithful to the key principles of “ease, sports and handling”, which will be implemented the most attractive way. Then, in an official statement was said that it will be the new Elise S Cup, a new version of the sports car, which is also homologated for participation in motorsport events and can be used on the roads.

Elise S Cup 2015 image

Elise S Cup 2015 pics

Therefore, it is unclear whether in Geneva presents a new version of the Lotus Elise, or a completely different model. Previously was available information that Lotus plans to create on the basis of Evora convertible and crossover. Also in the lineup of the brand is a model Exige, which could also be upgraded.

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