Lotus prepares Evora Roadster and the heir of 2-Eleven

April 25, 2015 at 21:25

The ambitious plan of Lotus Cars manufacturing in the coming years includes a host of new models, including the Evora with an open body and successor track 2-Eleven. This information gave us Paul Horrell from the British Top Gear who learned it from the new CEO Lotus Jean-Marc Galya. And that’s not all the news that is now mulling to Hetele…

Lotus Evora picture

Lotus Evora pics

Gal says that all future Lotus will become more easily, quickly and in the best British racing tradition, even if it requires some compromise in terms of comfort. However, Evora (including the newest 400) still will not yield to the convenience of its main rival the Porsche 911.

Lotus 2-Eleven pics

Lotus 2-Eleven picture

Well, if you specify some news, the next Lotus 2-Eleven fully justify his position the most expensive “Lotus”: the capacity for 400 liters. p. its mass is not more than 900 kilograms! “It will be a fast car at the Nurburgring!” – Categorically said the new boss of Lotus.

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