Lotus City Car is Turning into Series

May 6, 2012 at 01:00

Constant drivers and fans of Lotus have known this brand for creating super light sports cars for the out-road usage. However, there is news, which says that the Lotus City Car compact model is going to turn into the series and create its own generation.

Photo of Lotus City Car – back side

Photo of Lotus City Car – back side

The first time this concept of Lotus was actually introduced on the 7th October 2010. This car was introduced during the Paris motor show and had attracted lots of attention. Not only the Lotus Company has kept its major competence – the lightweight of the car, they have also made the most needed modern implications. For example, the car, despite for being highly compact has a monstrous and extremely powerful engine for its size – 220 horsepower. This was not only the first compact car with such a power, but also a most modern and desired car from Lotus.

Photo of Lotus City Car – side view

Photo of Lotus City Car –side view

In such a way, Lotus concern was very eager to put this car in the line with their highly speed-up and aggressive racecars. These car manufacturers have put lots of efforts into the development of this concept and so the new adjusted series are going out soon with many interesting features, which certainly will be liked by drivers.

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