FIA has confirmed the legality of the new Lotus E22

April 12, 2015 at 17:59

The new Formula 1 race car team Lotus appeared built in full compliance with the rules of the World Cup. This was stated by race director of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Charlie Whiting in a conversation with a reporter edition Autohebdo.
Rivals British band confused double nose landing gear E22: competitors have suggested that the car breaks technical regulations. Charlie Whiting has denied these suspicions. Lotus is the letter of the rules.

Lotus E22 pics

Lotus E22 image

The car has successfully passed all the necessary crash tests, – explained the director of racing FIA. – Obviously, they have chosen an alternative approach to the design of the nose cone, but it is perfectly legal: federation was aware of plans for Lotus since last summer. We cannot complain: the team is very cleverly interpreted the regulations.

Lotus E22 picture

Lotus E22 pics

The novelty was designed under the guidance of technical director Nick Chester – Season 2013 Briton will replace James Ellison, who moved to Ferrari. E22 car for the first time on the track will be released in February, when the participants of Formula 1 will arrive in Bahrain for the second test session. The first part of the test runs, which takes place in Spain, Lotus passes. British pilots are stables Roman and Pastor Maldonado.

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